Do you want to make a difference? Leave a legacy?
Do more than just watch TV, go to work and come home each day?
Check your cell phone for messages?
Play games on your phone or computer?

Those who know Jesus as Savior are in the world for a much greater purpose! We can MAKE AN ETERNAL DIFFERENCE!!!

One of the greatest endeavors before us today is to bring the BIBLE back into our public schools! And our Good News Club (GNC) program is doing just that! Children in about 100 elementary schools in Maryland are learning about God and His Word on a weekly basis during the school year!

There were 4,759 GNCs held across America in 2017-18! Thousands of volunteers are “making a difference” by giving 90-minutes one afternoon per week to be part of a Good News Club team.

 We, in CEF, provide the program, the curriculum and the training!

The CEF of Maryland state-wide Children’s Ministry Conference is always an exciting event each year as Good News Club teams, Sunday school teachers, children’s church workers, AWANA leaders and anyone burdened for children’s ministry can receive quality training to share the Gospel and lead children to Christ as well as to disciple them in God’s Word.

Research proves that lifelong beliefs, habits, values, and attitudes are formed between the critical ages of 5-12. If you want to shape a person’s life, it needs to be intentionally done during this crucial eight-year period.

Together we can train an army of children who will courageously stand for God and be His witnesses in an ungodly society. Daniel and other biblical characters did it and so can our kids today!


You’ll be inspired and equipped by some of the best children’s ministry experts to begin “making a difference” for eternity right away! Your life will be impacted as God encourages and prepares you for this great task. You’ll be blessed as He meets your own spiritual needs through various speakers and workshop leaders.

Let’s all work together to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in public elementary schools across Maryland! Call our office at (410)944-6435 for further information about adopting your local community school! Determine that YOU will not let another school year go by without getting involved!

Leave a legacy! Make a difference in your community by changing the lives of the next generation of children! They need you more than ever!
See you at the conference!

Workshop Topics – You will choose one of these topics for each of the four workshop periods.

•  Leading a Child to Christ
•  Counseling Effectively for Salvation
•  Being a Teacher of Influence
•  Teaching Biblical Truth Through Music
•  Inviting Kids to Respond to the Gospel
•  Instilling a Heart for Missions
•  Making the Bible Come Alive 
•  Understanding Gangs and How They Attract Kids
•  Using Methods of the Master Teacher
•  Teaching Kids to Pray
•  Making Your Good News Club Come Alive for Every Child
•  Teaching Kids to Memorize and Apply God’s Word    
•  Ministering to Little Kids
•  Understanding that Leadership Matters
•  Understanding Personalities and Differences
More topics to come….