Maryland Bible Society and CEF Partnering to Provide Bibles for Children in Schools

Did you realize that many children today have never seen or heard of the Bible? That seems pretty unbelievable for America but it’s true. You should see children’s eyes widen as Good News Club teachers share that the Bible is a precious book–it’s God message for us.  Children are learning how the Bible is arranged–66 books, 33 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New. Each week during Scripture memory time they are learning the book, chapter and verse where their memory verse is found. Kids are encouraged to memorize the verse in class and to continue reviewing it during the week using the take-home memory verse tokens they receive at the end of each club.  Not only are they “hiding God’s Word in their hearts” but children are taught to apply in their daily life the truths and principles they have learned.

Sadly, most of these unchurched children don’t own a Bible. Good News Club teachers have been scrambling to collect used Bibles for their clubbers. However, God burdened Mr. Dave Moyer, Executive Director of the Maryland Bible Society, to help resolve this dilemma! MBS has partnered with CEF to provide hundreds of Bibles for Good News Clubbers across the state. Just look at the happy faces of these kids who have received a Bible for the first time. They hug it, hold it, stare at it and best of all are memorizing verses from it!  We are grateful that we can partner together to make sure that God’s Word is placed not only in the hands of each child but also in their homes. THANK YOU MARYLAND BIBLE SOCIETY!