School Teachers Respond to Needs of Students

Four Christian school teachers in a Baltimore inner city school launched their first Good News Club! Can it be legal, you ask? The answer is a resounding, yes! Public school teachers can literally “turn their hats around” after they are off the school clock and teach their children about Jesus! Why are these teachers so passionate about beginning a Good News Club in their school? Here’s the testimony of one of the teachers:

“When I began my first year of teaching last year, I went in with the idea that I would be Super Woman and save the day for my students. As a teacher of low-income, inner-city students at a school where academic achievement is very low, I k new I had my work cut out for me; but I was determined that if I worked hard enough and gave it my all, that I would be able to miraculously turn things around in my students’ lives. However, after the first month I became overwhelmed and burned out, realizing that I could not bring about the transformational change that was needed in my students. I ended the school year feeling disheartened and hopeless.

Then God began to show me that the myriad of issues my students are dealing with–poverty, broken homes, low self-esteem, abuse, hopelessness, abandonment, anger, low academic achievement–are ones that I, myself, can never solve. He began to show me that He is the  only answer to my student’s problems, as well as the problems of their families and communities! God is the only remedy that will bring wholeness, hope, love and triumph into my students’ lives.

After receiving this word from God, I realized tht I needed to allow God to work through me as a teacher; I also desired to fiind a way to introduce my students to Christ and His love because He is clearly what they need for transformation to be realized in their lives. I began to pray that God would provide a way for me to get students at my school learning about and encountering Him. God lead my assistant principal to tell me about Good News Clubs and I am extremely excited for what this program will do in the lives of my students. I know that through this ministry, God’s love will do all of the fixing in my students’ lives that no teacher–no person–could ever do on their own.”

Are you a school teacher and want to make an eternal difference in the lives of your students? Help get a Good News Club established in your school. Call our office today!