Good News Club Brings 180 Visitors to Colonial Baptist Church

Has your church ever had 180 visitors on a single Sunday morning? Well, it happened at Colonial Baptist Church in Randallstown! June 9th was Good News Club Appreciation Day and all the children and families from Colonial’s two Good News Clubs were invited to the Sunday service and to a special luncheon. During the service there were short testimonies from a Good News Clubber, a parent, the assistant principal and others. What a blessing it was to hear about how the club was impacting the lives of children and changing the environment of the schools.

Colonial Baptist Church has caught the vision of the 4/14 Window! Volunteers were enlisted, trained, and screened. The church first adopted one local elementary school and began an After School Good News Club. Almost 70 children are enrolled and in one month, 30 students said they received Jesus as their personal Savior. Each week in the club program the Gospel is clearly presented and saved children are being discipled in God’s Word. Church members became so excited about this fruitful outreach ministry that another team of volunteers adopted yet another school! Over 70 children are enrolled in that club! Each week they were taking Sunday school to the public school! Pastor Anderson, also President of the Southern Baptists for Maryland, says that a healthy church has lots of children! He’s looking for ways to keep Colonial healthy and flourishing!

What about your church? There are hundreds of elementary schools yet to be adopted. Children are waiting to hear the Gospel message. The harvest is truly plentiful in the elementary schools of our state. If every Bible-believing church would follow the lead of Colonial Baptist Church, bold and unashamed to roll up their sleeves and participate in the harvest field among children, what a change would take place in our state and in our nation! Yes. . . the fields are black, white, brown, red and yellow with harvest! May we harvest with urgency so that our children cannot say, “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.” (Jeremiah 8:20)