Churches and Christians all across Maryland are crying out to the Lord to show them effective ways that they can reach more people in their communities with the Gospel.  Here’s one huge answer to that cry: the Good News Club! Since the 6-3 Supreme Court decision of 2001 that gave the Good News Club (an after school Bible club) equal access to public school facilities, thousands of children across the USA are learning about Jesus at school, one afternoon a week for 90 minutes!  In Maryland, churches have already adopted almost 100 public elementary schools where the Gospel is going forth on a weekly basis. The public school is the hub of the community! There are not only children, but parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, administrators, and others who are involved in the school community. We are missing a huge opportunity that God has given us! The Lord Jesus Christ is the ONLY answer to change every community in Maryland! God can change their hearts and change their world by the power of the Gospel! This is an urgent situation! This fall your church can adopt a school and begin a Good News Club. Will the children in your community’s school be hearing about Jesus this year? YOUR CHURCH CAN BE THE ONE THAT TAKES SUNDAY SCHOOL TO THE PUBLIC SCHOOL!  Claim the school you want to adopt for a Good News Club right away! We’ll train your team, provide the curriculum and mentor you all the way! Why reinvent the wheel?

Remember, 85% of Christians today were saved before their 15th birthday! The only way we can transform our communities is to reach children for Christ while they are tender toward spiritual things.

Call our state headquarters for more information about adopting a school at (410) 944-6435 or contact your local chapter representative!