CEF® of Maryland

Month: August 2020

CEF Volunteers

Looking for a Ministry to Volunteer? Choose CEF!

Are you looking for a place to volunteer? CEF is manned around the world by over 100,000 volunteers who want to make an impact for eternity! Here is Maryland we’re about 400 volunteers strong but hundreds more are needed for us to reach every child with the Gospel message

Bibles to Children in Schools

Maryland Bible Society and CEF Partnering to Provide Bibles for Children in Schools

Good News Club teachers have been scrambling to collect used Bibles for their clubbers. However, God burdened Mr. Dave Moyer, Executive Director of the Maryland Bible Society, to help resolve this dilemma! MBS has partnered with CEF to provide hundreds of Bibles for Good News Clubbers across the state.

57th Anniversary of Prayer and Bible Reading Out of Schools

It was in 1963 that Madalyn Murray O’Hair (and athiests that backed her) achieved her mission to take God out of our public schools by eliminating Bible reading and prayer. Since that time, generations of children who have not been exposed to God and His Word have grown up and we’re seeing the distressing results.

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