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Pastor Testimonies

Pastor Testimonies

What Pastors are Saying about the Impact of Good News Clubs® on their Churches! 

“Our membership has responded wonderfully, and those participating in the Good News Clubs are expressing sheer joy as they witness the Lord at work in them making an eternal difference in the lives of precious young children. The Good News Club has opened an incredible opportunity for us to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord to the next generation, with the blessing and permission of the United States Supreme Court. How amazing is that? Thank the Lord for Child Evangelism Fellowship! They are indeed a wonderful answer to prayer.”

David E. Gaines, Sr.  Senior Pastor, Manna Bible Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD 

“Partnering with Child Evangelism Fellowship has proven to be a wonderful advancement to our outreach efforts. Seizing the opportunity to impact the lives of children in an area school has exposed members of congregation to a unique venue of evangelism.”

Darryl Brace, Assistant Pastor, Mount Pleasant Church and Ministries, Baltimore, MD

 “The Good News Clubs have made an incredible impact on our church. We have seen children saved and families added to our church. Our teachers look forward to the clubs each year.”

Aaron Hartman, Youth Pastor, Victory Baptist Church, Boonsboro, MD

 “This for the world to hear and to know! For the last 20 years we have had a strong association and fellowship with Child Evangelism Fellowship. It has been a wonderful blessing to Huber Memorial Church just in terms of equipping our teachers to share the Gospel with children. It has blessed us on every level. It has blessed us in house—we are building young strong Christians. It has blessed us beyond the walls of our church—we’re able to go out into the community and during the summer go to people’s houses and share the Gospel block by block through our teenagers who wind up ministering to children. The blessing has continued even into our school, The Hope Academy, helping our people excel. The curriculum of Christian education was initiated and taught by CEF and it has equipped the adults to remove their fear about having any ability to communicate the principles of God’s Word. There’s no question—the earlier we reach children with the Word of God the greater chance there is that they will avoid all of the traps, the detours and the dead ends in the journey of life. I’m extremely grateful to Child Evangelism Fellowship and its leadership for its partnership with Huber Memorial Church.

P.M. Smith, Senior Pastor, Huber Memorial Church, Baltimore, MD

“Grace Bible Church has had the privilege of sponsoring three Good News Clubs.  These clubs use a nexus of American life (the public school) in a way that creates tremendous opportunities for children to learn about Jesus Christ.  My experience has been that the children love the clubs, the volunteers are committed and compassionate, and the Gospel is clearly communicated. It has been wonderful to see God use in such an open and simple way a system and a venue that is often closed to open proclamation of His message.  It is encouraging to see how many volunteers have stepped up from the congregation I serve.  The Good News Clubs serve children who are dear to Jesus. They operate in public school buildings in a simple and redemptive way. They create an opportunity for people to volunteer, to step up in their faith, and to see God’s kingdom at work. Why wouldn’t a pastor be excited about the Good News Clubs?  Why wouldn’t a pastor support them and promote them?”
Conrad Smith, Senior Pastor, Grace Bible Church of Seabrook

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